jueves, 26 de abril de 2012


Al finalizar la maratón, nuestros compañeros fueron invitados a la fiesta privada organizada por  Family Holiday Associaton, en los lujosos salónes del Rubiés blue Balcony, en Leicester Square, en pleno centro de Londres.
Allí nuestros compañeros recibieron un masaje y disfrutaron de un estupendo ágape con comida incluida.
También durante la fiesta, tuvo lugar por parte de Diego, de la entrega del cheque por valor de 3600 libras esterlinas, donadas para dicha asociación.

Algunas imágenes de nuestros compañeros, con el resto de corredores Ingleses que participaron para dicha Asociación.
Debajo publicamos dos casos en donde el dinero recaudado, servirá para paliar un poco estas dos tristes historias.

El texto íntegramente y en Inglés.

Liz Page and family from Hull
Liz’s daughter Mandy was a young woman of 33 who was diagnosed with a life limiting illness in 2010 and died the following year. Mandy had 7 children between the ages of 2 and 17, and when she became unwell she moved in with Liz to get support and care. Mandy wanted Liz to continue to look after the children after she died, and Liz is seeking a special guardianship order.
In May the family moved to a larger property and they are trying to settle and look forward to the future. There is a great amount of stress and Liz is trying to cope emotionally and practically. Their support worker felt a break away together as a family would provide some quality time to bond and to have happy memories for the children’s futures. She felt it would go some way to alleviating some of the stresses and difficulties coping with their loss.
The Family Holiday Association was able to help the Page family with a break away in a holiday park in Lincolnshire this summer.  
As the family above have not yet gone away on their break, I thought you may also like a story from another family who have already taken their break as they have some lovely feedback:
Caitlin Jones and family from Gloucestershire
Caitlin Jones and her children had previously experienced domestic abuse and been through a very harrowing few years when they were referred to the Family Holiday Association for a break; as a result both she and her eldest son were struggling with depression and Caitlin was trying to cope with a variety of other health concerns.
The Family Holiday Association was able to help Caitlin and her children with a week away in Devon .
On their return from their break Caitlin wrote to us, “The holiday made me see there's more to life than the life I was living. It brought my sons and I closer together. Thank you.”
I hope the above is useful – please let me know if you need anything else.
Kind regards,
N.B. The stories and feedback are completely true but we have changed the names of the families in the stories to protect their identities.